Employee Benefits Consulting

Our team’s expansive knowledge and experience in health, welfare, retirement, and other employee benefit plans and their integration into a company’s overall total rewards package makes Adviant the best choice.

Adviant colleagues are unilaterally knowledgeable in the alignment of employee benefit plans with other forms of employee compensation for the support of a company’s organizational business plan through its total rewards program.  Our areas of expertise include business mergers and acquisitions – including due diligence and benefits comparability analysis – as well as, financial measurement and forecasting services, such as month-to-month benefit plan metrics; pension plan studies; active employee and retiree group health plan studies and reporting; paid-time-off, leave of absence, and disability cost studies; and actuarial services. 

Adviant can help clients design health, welfare, and retirement plans, implement those plans, prepare and review documents, ensure regulatory compliance, and provide administration, benchmarking, predictive medical and pharmacy expense/utilization modeling, and program improvement/maximization. 

Expertise also extends to vendor contract negotiations and performance assessment for medical, pharmacy, dental, vision, speech, hearing, short-term and long-term disability, long-term care, life insurance, and employee assistance programs. 

Adviant also specializes in designing health and welfare programs for employees, such as, employee wellness and productivity programs and health care delivery alternatives, such as direct provider contracting and on-site clinics.  Adviant’s team can design these plans, prepare documents, and facilitate implementation, regulatory compliance, and administration of services.