Julie Larson - President and CEO, Hampshire Pet Products

At Hampshire Pet Products, our people are a key component to our success and strategic plan. When we found our business in need of HR guidance and leadership, we immediately turned to Adviant. Adviant provided assistance in helping us find the right candidate to lead our human resource department and continues to work with us to build an innovative and competitive benefit program. Together, we remain focused on developing strategies that will not only benefit our employees, but also have a tremendous impact on our company’s bottom line.

Brooke Schroeder - Vice President Operations / Compliance Officer, First State Bank of Joplin

As a small, highly regulated company, we wear many hats and focus most of our energy on our responsibilities to our customers, regulating agencies, and Board of Directors. Having Adviant in our arsenal has allowed us to have a unified, consistent, and cost-effective approach to human resources and benefits administration. Adviant brings many things to the table and has been a very impactful complement to our management team.

Tonya M. Crump - Compensation Manager, CompuCom Systems, Inc.

Adviant's strong HR background translates into sound outcomes for the projects they complete for CompuCom.  They play a key role in researching and recommending changes in compensation planning and are great at providing insight and development.  They are an excellent value-add in the compensation world.

Mike Kissner - Vice President, Human Resources Pro-Act, LLC

Adviant has provided compensation and benefits advice to many of our member distributors. I value the cost effectiveness of our dealings with Adviant, and appreciate their professionalism, their multiple competencies, and their integrity. Adviant is truly responsive to the needs of our company, and to our member distributors.

Melissa Ayles - Senior Director Partner Relations, Chronic Disease Fund, Inc.

Adviant was instrumental in helping us accomplish a number of strategic HR objectives. Everything was thoroughly researched, the right questions were asked to help us develop our objectives, and we were kept focused on the right outcomes and the right strategies for achieving them. We are repeatedly impressed with the quality and timeliness of Adviant's professional services, and look forward to using them on an on-going basis.

Mike McClaskey - Chief Information Officer, EchoStar Communications Corporation (DishNetwork)

Adviant's analysis and advice was instrumental in helping me evaluate my personal executive compensation package. They provided insight and clarity to a complex process. Without their help and expertise, I wouldn't have the peace of mind I have today.

Gary T. Siegel - Chief Human Resources Officer, ZTE USA Inc.

Strong client-service approach. Very results oriented... Good quality of work with a lot of details to reach conclusions... Strong project management skills to ensure that deadlines are achieved...

Linda A. Wilkins - Partner, Locke Lorde Bissell & Liddell LLP

Adviant has worked with several of my clients in solving compensation and benefit issues, and my experience has always been positive. They are attuned to the technical issues that should be reviewed with legal counsel and they provide quality client service.

John F. Davis, III - CEO & Chairman, Pegasus Solutions, Inc.

Adviant helped increase the value of all our employee benefit programs while saving us hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Mark S. Dubrow - Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Pegasus Solutions, Inc.

Pegasus has enjoyed a long-term relationship with Adviant and views the company as a trusted advisor. Over the years, Adviant has helped Pegasus reduce the cost of delivering and administering our benefit plans, which has allowed our company to focus on our core business. Adviant's on-site support has been a value-add service, and over the years we have found the company to be responsive to our needs and an advocate in navigating the ever-changing business and regulatory environment.

Matt Johnson - Chief Executive Officer, HealthBridge

For the past few years, Adviant has helped us make smart decisions about our benefits. As the leader of a quickly growing company, it's important to me that we work with professional service providers that understand where we're headed. I value the fact that Adviant has spent the time to understand our needs.

James Smeeding - Executive Vice President and Co-founder, Digital Health Dialog

As a start-up company in the technology field, we needed to seek cost-efficient benefit and human resource support. We were fortunate to have Adviant and their team recommended to us. They have added a personal touch to help us gain operational efficiencies in our areas of need. They understood our business and our penchant to use automation and they delivered it in a consultative and supportive manner.

David Stringer - Principal and President, Prospera Financial Services

Adviant’s disciplined approach to both data gathering and analyses, coupled with their strong communication style, led to confidence in the data and trust from the various operational teams and executives. Having Adviant partner with us to review our compensation and benefit plans was the right choice!

Janice Jessen - Human Resources Manager, New Braunfels Utilities

New Braunfels Utilities (NBU) recently contracted with Adviant to produce a salary survey of twenty-two positions identified as areas in NBU with the largest turnover and most impacted by business growth and competition in the local area.  Adviant was chosen based on their experience, affordable cost structure, and ability to meet a very compressed timetable.  They immediately grasped our vision and focus for the survey and put together a team to collect and analyze results.  Most admirable, was the degree that Adviant worked to ensure participation from the maximum number of organizations.  The report was concise and definitely met our needs.

Adam Bokker - Owner / Director, Home Instead Senior Care

Since working with Adviant, we have become smarter with our HR processes.  Adviant provides expert advice and guidance to create a better culture for our employees.

Mark Evangelist - CEO, PharmaStrategies, LLC

Adviant has been my health Insurance broker and HR consultant for years.  They are always willing to think out of the box and provide creative solutions as my business continues to transition.  I have the utmost respect and admiration for the professional way Adviant and its staff always conduct themselves.  I very much look forward to working with them in the future.

Aaron Buerge - President, First National Bank

Due to the extensive and ongoing regulations in our industry, we need expert HR input and consultation on our human resource policies and procedures.  Adviant has continued to provide the guidance we seek, and looks beyond the obvious, to provide value greater than requested.  Their professionalism, expert knowledge, and concern for providing value are indispensable.

Brice E. Martin - President, Four State Trucks

Adviant was extremely easy to work with.  They were great at evaluating exactly what we were needing and helped us accomplish our staffing goals.

Lana Douglas - Practice Manager, Retina Specialists

When our office integrated from a practice management company to bring human resources, payroll, and benefits back in-house, we knew we had undertaken quite a challenge.  Adviant was highly recommended by clients that also used the services of our accountant.  Adviant provided insight, education, and support to us during this transition and ensured that we were ready to "go solo," helping us build our department from the ground up.

Sheri Line - Vice President, Human Resources, TIER REIT

Adviant assisted TIER REIT with the implementation of our HRIS and payroll system when we converted from an outsourced arrangement to in-house processing.  Adviant's team partnered with us to ensure a successful outcome.  The Adviant team became an extension of our team, working with us side by side, measuring our goal completion and timeline adherence.  With this watchful approach, our goals were often exceeded and completed ahead of schedule.  Adviant provided oversite for much of the detailed analysis required during our implementation.  The level of review given our project was critical to an on-time completion of our conversion.  Working in tandem with the Adviant team was not only a pleasure, but resulted in the successful accomplishment of our project.

Christopher W. Dumm - The Law Firm of Christopher W. Dumm

I have worked with Adviant several times, both personally and with my clients.  They have assisted me and my clients with new hires, corporate governance, compensation questions, and how to navigate the numerous and ever-changing briar patch of HR issues.  Adviant has always been professional, knowledgeable, and approachable.  I highly recommend them.

Vickie Dudley - Executive Director, Children’s Center of Southwest Missouri

Adviant is a tremendous asset to our employees and the human resources function of the organization.  As a small not-for-profit agency with limited resources, Adviant was able to enrich our benefit package at a reasonable cost, allowing employees to add dental, vision, accident, cancer, and disability insurance.  One of the most valuable resources provided by Adviant is human resource consultation.  They are just a phone call away when a question arises.  Consultation services were also invaluable in updating our employee policy and procedure manual to meet state and federal regulations.

Talon Maningas - Owner and Physcian, Maningas Cosmetic Surgery

As a new practice, Adviant was an invaluable asset to Maningas Cosmetic Surgery.  With employee satisfaction being of the utmost importance, one of our goals was to be able to provide benefits within our first year.  Adviant was able to provide many options for us to choose from.  Empowering our employees to take charge of their own healthcare.  They are an excellent resource and I would recommend the company without hesitation.

Brandon Davis, CPA - Owner, Davis CPA Group, LLC

Adviant is my “go-to” solution for my firm’s human resources and benefits management.  The are also my top choice as a recommendation to my clients.  Adviant and its team are the trusted advisors needed to assist with benefits solutions that help bring efficiency and peace of mind to any organization.

Alexander Hirschberg - Chief Operating Officer, iWear Holdings Corp.

Adviant was a great resource for benefits for our small business.  Initially working with a large company, I felt that our needs were not catered too.  When I got introduced to Adviant the warmth, speed, and detail put in to each quote was impeccable.  They ultimately guided us to the best policies for our Company - Adviant truly provides the total package.  Also, the relationship continued past the signature.  They're always available to answer questions and make sure our benefits match our Company's ongoing needs.

Bindu Chowritmootoo - Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, P5 Performance

At P5 Performance, our employees are the secret of our success.  Having said that, our relationship with Adviant was and continues to be an important one.  Adviant provides excellent human resources-related support and guidance that assures our company is compliant with with all applicable regulations.  We truly consider Adviant our business partner in providing the best possible employee-related solutions for the ultimate experience within our company.  With Adviant, you can trust that you are in reliable hands.

Kash Tandon, CPA, MBA - Founder and CEO, Business Advisors MD

As a rapidly growing billing company that focuses its services on labs, we needed to be able to retain the very best employees in the industry.  We were looking for a partner to give us advice, and most importantly, a partner that was going to be dependable and responsive to our ever changing needs.  Adviant has been along our side whenever we have needed their assistance and has exceeded our expectations!

Steve Courtade, MBA, CTP - C.R.O., ABLE Manufacturing & Assembly, LLC

After several months of unsuccessfully running our own search process, we called on Adviant to take over our search for a V.P. of operations.  An Adviant principal quickly came to our plant and interviewed us on our needs and corporate culture to truly understand what type of candidate we were looking for.  Within a few days, Adviant started an exclusive search process for us.  Adviant's team pre-screened several hundred resumes and distilled down the top 7 or 8 candidates for us.  Notes and summaries were provided for each candidate from initial interviews, which enabled us to move seamlessly through the interview process with our team.  We were able to fast-track the process and hired the right candidate within 45 days from the start.  I cannot speak highly enough of the responsiveness, professionalism, and service from Adviant.  We will definitely use them again on any other executive searches.

Gregory Edmund - President, G. W. Edmund & Associates, LLC

Going from a being an independent contractor to hiring employees was something I had resisted for several years.  My main concern was how I would handle the hassle of providing employee benefits to my employees, which I needed to do to be able retain them.  I was referred to Adviant by my CPA firm and Adviant has taken care of everything.  What I thought would be a major headache, turned out to be a quick meeting that laid out my options and I was able to easily make my choices.  When it came time for renewal, it was, again, a simple process.  My employees are very happy with the benefits program developed by Adviant - that to me is the best recommendation.  I had been afraid a small employer like me would not be able to get an agent to really care about my business, but, Adviant proved me wrong.

Diane McConnell - Human Resources, Labette Bank

Labette Bank had been outsourcing our payroll, had an outdated time clock program, and we had a manual process for tracking benefits.  Adviant allowed us to streamline our time clock program, bring our payroll processing back in house, and also provided a great way to track benefits.  I cannot praise Adviant’s staff enough!  They made this transition incredibly easy and their support team has been wonderful to work with.

Lorri Adams - HR / Office Manager, Ozark Plastic Products, Inc.

When I came to work for Ozark Plastics eight years ago, I was very new to the HR side of business.  Adviant has been extremely helpful over the years with my HR issues and questions, along with helping us with our benefits packages.  I have enjoyed and benefited greatly from my dealings with Adviant and look forward to working with them in the future.

Jamie Rindler - CEO, Marvel Group, LLC

Adviant principal, Jonathan Scales, operates with a level of professionalism that you don't find very often.  He and his team at Adviant provide my company with human resource and talent development services that allow us to compete on a national stage.