Training & Communication

One of the many things that Adviant prides itself on is the administration of effective training programs for our clients’ employees.  A key responsibility of any well-structured human resource department is the effective education of employees and team members on the myriad aspects of employment rules and requirements.  Adviant offers orientation-style training for new employees, as well as, continued training for seasoned staff members.  For instance, while a new employee may need to understand the basics of diversity awareness, long-term employees may need development training in aspects of management and evaluation skills. 

Training topics in which Adviant specializes include the following: 

  • Principles of management; 
  • Effective screening and interviewing of prospective employees; 
  • Introduction to employment for managers; 
  • Job performance evaluation and performance management; 
  • Diversity awareness; 
  • Sexual harassment awareness; and 
  • Dispute/conflict resolution.