Coronavirus Essential Services


Many coronavirus shelter-in-place and similar orders issued by state and local governments exempt “essential businesses” from the order.  As such, the workers and service providers of those businesses might be considered “Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers” and may travel to and from work or in service of those essential businesses.  This travel is in addition to other essential travel that may be authorized under the orders, such as, grocery shopping and visits to health care providers.

If you are designated as an essential business and your workers and service providers are also designated as essential by a local, state, or federal authority, you may wish to provide this notice to your essential workforce and service providers.  This is an ever-evolving crisis and the notice is not an official notice sanctioned by any regulating body, but nonetheless, may be helpful in the continuity of your business and to your employees.  

Important:  It is recommended that the employee or service provider must agree to only present this notice when travelling to and from work or in service of an essential business.  We suggest you secure written documentation of the employee’s and service provider’s agreement for your files.  

Many of the state and local designations of “essential businesses” follow the Department of Homeland Security Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce Guidance.  The most recent memo on this guidance dated March 28, 2020, can be found here.  This information may prove helpful in your determination of whether or not your business is considered an essential business.