One-Time Special Enrollment


One-time Health Insurance Special Enrollment Period

Due to the Coronavirus crisis, several of the major employer group health insurance companies are allowing employees to enroll in health insurance outside of annual enrollment, even if the employee (or dependents) previously waived coverage. 

This would be considered a special enrollment period.  For example, if an employee (or dependents) waived coverage at annual enrollment and did not enroll, the employee must generally wait until the next annual enrollment period to enroll.  Under this special enrollment period, employees (or dependents) who previously waived coverage can enroll now for a 04/01/2020 effective date. 

See the list of insurance companies below that will currently allow a special enrollment.  In this time of crisis, it’s recommended that you consider offering this special enrollment period to your employees that are not currently enrolled in your health insurance. 

Time is of the Essence – Enroll Employees Now

There’s a very short window in which to enroll employees (or dependents) that have previously waived coverage.  See below for each insurance company’s enrollment due date. 

Generally, enrollment can be managed through the insurance company’s employer Web portal.

Some of the insurance companies will require you to provide wage and tax statements that prove the enrolling employee is a full-time employee (scheduled 30 hours or more per week) and otherwise eligible for coverage.

Insurance Companies ALLOWING a Special Enrollment

Currently, the following insurance companies are allowing a special enrollment period.

1.       Anthem BlueCross and BlueShield – Enroll by 04/03/2020 for a 04/01/2020 effective date

2.       UnitedHealthcare – Enroll by 04/06/2020 for a 04/01/2020 effective date

3.       UHC All Savers – Enroll by 04/06/2020 for a 04/01/2020 effective date  

Insurance Companies that HAVE NOT ANNOUNCED a Special Enrollment

These insurance companies have not yet announced if they will or will not allow a special enrollment period.

1.       BlueCross and BlueShield of Texas

2.       Cigna

Insurance Companies that WILL NOT ALLOW a Special Enrollment

Currently, these insurance companies WILL NOT ALLOW and do not plan to allow a special enrollment period.

1.       Aetna

2.       Aetna AFA